PoP Video pico projector will make you the coolest cat in school

Have you ever found it difficult to watch the latest viral video with your pals on your now teensy 3.5″ screen  (4″ phones are the norm nowadays) of your iPhone?  Well now there’s a solution to your first world problem.  Lo and behold the PoP Video pico projector. Utilizing the standard 30 pin dock connector and its accompanied iOS app, the $99 pico projector will beam anything displayed whether it be on a screen or on your friend’s behind.  You’re out of luck if you’re using older variants of the iPhone as the projector is compatible only with the 4/4S or the 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touch.  I can think of no better way to cause a scene than with a group of pimpled riddled teens laughing obnoxiously in the hallway and disturbing classrooms.

Source: PoP Video


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